My Story

From corporate burnout to self-responsible transformation

Working in a high paced career job as an HR Business Partner for the Trading Floor of an Investment Bank, I gradually lost my balance. I worked too much, neglected relationships, my health as well as my friends and compensated with various addictions over the course of 15 years. This all culminated in a classic burn-out – followed by a herniated spinal disc that needed surgery as it paralysed my leg. I could no longer ignore that I had broken down completely – hitting rock bottom and feeling that if I continued this way, I would not grow older than 50. Taking full ownership for the course of our life is one thing – putting it into action is another. We all need a functioning support system – allow me to be part of yours!

My healing journey

Finding new perspectives

It took me almost two years to get back up on my feet again. After literally having to re-socialize myself with a part-time job at a friend´s company, i decided to go on a healing journey. On this journey, I discovered Breathwork – or maybe I should say, Breathwork has literally „inspired“ me. It has brought me back to life and truly transformed my insights and perspectives – after my first session I felt my heart and intuition again for the first time since childhood and the circumstances in my life started to flow and fall into place again.

My ultimate goal is to help you transform into the best possible version of you!


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