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Hi, I am Nik Frey

Freymut is an old German word that literally means courage to freedom. It’s frequently translated to frankness, candor or openness.

It is the expression of taking full responsibility for ourselves, to lead the lives we want to!

I have worked in a manufacturing company, Consulting, Banking and have been self-employed for many years. No matter if you need Career Coaching or want to completely transform your life – I got you..)


The Power of your Breath

Breathwork & Conscious Breathing

On my healing journey, conscious breathing has not only cleared away old emotional blockages but has also genenerated a new, all natural joy of life. For the first time since childhood I felt my heart and intuition again and suddenly everything started falling into place.

I believe Breathwork can be so powerful, that everybody should at least try it once. Your health will improve and you will enrich your life in unexpected ways.

Unleash your Potential

Co-Active Coaching

Start by recognising the desire or need for change and allow yourself to ask for and accept support – this is self-compassion and self-responsibility. Free your energy by getting out of your comfort zone and taking small steps into a new direction. Feeling good about yourself is a muscle that you can train.

Coaching is all about you! „Co“ stands for values – „Active“ for action – our partnership is to establish what is really important for you and fill these values with more aliveness. Let’s connect and move forward with fierce courage!

My events

My upcoming events

I offer weekly Breathwork Sessions for groups and sporadic guest sessions in different studios in and around Zurich (suspended for now).

Workshops are being offered whenever my wonderful teacher and friend Anthony Abbagnano is back in Zurich for a visit – a rare opportunity that you should and will not miss if you sign up for my newsletter.

What my clients say

"His passion and genuine humility, as well as his commitment to his own process, truly inspires me. I feel completely safe and able to move through my process trusting in his ability to guide and support me."

Ann Moloney, Coach & Breathwork Practitioner - Ireland/Bali

"Through the coaching and breathwork you guided me through, you have unlocked powerful twin forces of strength and peacefulness."

Michael Woodbury - Partner at Bain & Co. - Australia

"Absolutely fantastic! I’ve done it three times already and I must say that the way Nik guides you through the breathing process has made it quite a deep and intimate experience with my own self."

Orlando Balbas, Sustainability Consultant - Switzerland


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