Conscious breathing is the most powerful and effective tool to come back to yourself – back to your intuition, purpose, and health. Deep connected breathing detoxifies your body, reconnects you to your heart, releases physical & emotional tension, stress and even trauma. The beauty of it all – it is all natural at that!

I am usually a man of understatement but when I think of how to describe Breathwork, I simply have to say that it has turned my life around. Working in a high paced career job as an HR Business Partner for the Trading Floor of an Investment Bank, I gradually lost my balance. I worked too much, neglected relationships, my health as well as my friends and compensated with various addictions over the course of 15 years. This all culminated in a severe burn-out – followed by a herniated spinal disc that needed surgery as it paralyzed my leg. I could no longer ignore that I had broken down completely – so I went on a healing journey.

And that is where I stumbled into my first Breathwork session with Anthony Abbagnano. I actually thought it would be a lecture on breathing techniques – you know, learning how to relax more effectively and sleep better. And when we were asked to lay down and breathe together I just wanted to get up and leave. But I was too embarrassed to walk out in front of all these people. So I stayed and was asked during the session to breathe into the predominant sensation that I was feeling right then – for me it was annoyance and resistance for being there. And giving those feelings some attention and space by breathing into them, lifted me right over into a huge release of so much tension associated with it. I don’t want to go into too many details as it is more important to have a curious sense of expectancy rather than concrete expectations in case you want to try it out yourselves. But afterwards i felt my heart again for the first time since childhood and circumstances in my life began to flow and fall into place again beautifully. I started the Breathwork Practitioner Training with Anthony shortly after which truly transformed my insights and so many aspects of my life..

There is something magical happening when we allow ourselves to breathe deeply and connected for an extended period of time. It feels like we are reconnecting to the unconditional flow of energy that is constantly expanding our universe. Hmm, did I just say that – surprisingly aloof for an ex-banker..) But no worries, I am still quite grounded – however, I have certainly discovered new aspects of life that are worth exploring more!

You see, our breath is an automated subconscious function of our body. And subconsciously is also how unprocessed emotions and traumas get stored in our cellular memory in our physical body. When we get overwhelmed by emotions – and that can be quite small things like being yelled at by our parents, physical injuries, traumas of all sorts, a constant level of stress and so much more – what happens is, that our breathing contracts so we do not get overwhelmed in those situations. It is very often socially not acceptable to instantly express our vulnerability. However, we also never really learned to process and release this emotional overwhelm afterwards. And this is how we accumulate a lot of so called baggage which influences our thoughts and behavior more and more over time through insecurity, withdrawal, emotional triggers, limiting beliefs, etc..

In fact, renowned scientists like Bruce Lipton have proven that around 95% of our decisions, emotions, and behavior come from the programming in our subconscious mind. This means, that most of the time we are driven by unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs and traumas, all stored in our subconsciousness. So by consciously taking control over this subconscious function of our body, we create a gateway to our subconsciousness where all of the above is stored.

And with deep connected breathing, we are accessing what is ready to be looked at and we get a chance to process it properly. Me and my Breathwork friends all over the world have witnessed so many people releasing old blockages, going into deep healing relaxations, soul travels and yes, also into quite challenging situations. Our breath is an amazingly powerful tool and if you feel called to try it, you probably are. There is nothing to be afraid of as our body can only express what he is for – but the potential benefit for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being might just change your life!


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