Personal Coaching

Finding your place in life

Asking and accepting support is a crucial step in changing circumstances in your life – and it is truly amazing how far we get by simply asking for it! Breaking out of our conditioned routine is a big step – but it can be done, by taking small steps. And this could mean everything from resolving one specific issue all the way to tackling true transformation over a longer period of time.

I greatly enjoy working with people who want to take charge of their life. If you are ready for change, you know that you need to own your transformation – it won’t happen without you! Are you ready?


  • Are you stuck with a decision?
  • Do you feel like burning out, breaking out?
  • Are you transitioning into a new phase in your life?
  • Do you keep falling back into undesired behaviour?
  • Are you living your values, following your talents?

My offer


Individual Session

1 hr

In regular Coaching Sessions we focus on co-actively moving forward at your pace, always considering your values, purpose, needs and goals.

book 5 – pay 4
book 10 – pay 7

Transformation Pack

2 – 3 hrs

The combination of Breathwork and Coaching is simply ideal as the Breath helps to uncover and reconnect to the inner core – while Coaching is putting the insights in action and taking it all forward.

What my clients say

"His passion and genuine humility, as well as his commitment to his own process, truly inspires me. I feel completely safe and able to move through my process trusting in his ability to guide and support me."

Ann Moloney, Coach & Breathwork Practitioner - Ireland/Bali

"Through the coaching and breathwork you guided me through, you have unlocked powerful twin forces of strength and peacefulness."

Michael Woodbury - Partner at Bain & Co. - Australia

"Absolutely fantastic! I’ve done it three times already and I must say that the way Nik guides you through the breathing process has made it quite a deep and intimate experience with my own self."

Orlando Balbas, Sustainability Consultant - Switzerland


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