We all need a little Coaching sometimes

Coaching is all about you. There is nobody trying to „heal“ you like in therapy – there is nobody trying to tell you what is „best for you“ like in counseling. Coaching supports you in finding your very own solution to the issue at hand – because only when you take ownership, it will be a sustainable solution. I truly believe you have everything that you need and help you uncover what you know deep inside but can just not see right now or have not fully embraced so far. Be inspired and empowered by your own insights!

If you have a specific issue you want to look at, we can dive right into it – sometimes a few sessions are enough. But if you are stuck or wish to give your life or career a new direction, we will work in a more systematic way to uncover your values and connect to your inner resources. We create new perspectives and choices and we move forward by putting them into action. It doesn’t take that long to change a behaviour or a pattern if you are truly committed. Our partnership constitutes the accountability that keeps you on track. But you need to show up with everything that you have – I count on your dedication and passion to take charge of your life. Nobody else but you is responsible for how you feel!

Why I coach

Due to my professional career in Human Resources and my personal transformation, I have developed a high empathy and passion to support self-responsible change. I find it most rewarding to evoke transformation in others through this equal partnership of Coaching. Start by recognising the desire or need for change and allow yourself to ask for and accept support – this is self-compassion and self-responsibility.

And allow me to hold you accountable for the new choices that you make – I am looking forward to witness your change! Free the blocked energy by getting out of your comfort zone and enrich your life by exploring new ways.

My offer

Personal Coaching

You come to me as a private person for Coaching on issues from your personal life.

Business Coaching

You come to me or i come to you for Coaching of specific issues in your business life.

Burnout Coaching

You come to me with the specific goal of preventing or getting you out of burnout.


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