Group Session

My Breathwork sessions are easily accessible for anyone, regardless of your background or previous experience. Often those who are sceptical to try new things are the ones that profit the most. And so I invite you to join one of my sessions – stay open and curious. There is only to gain – for some this can be a life-changing experience.

Weekly group sessions

After a short introduction and a little exercise (e.g. meditation, visualisation) we get comfortable to lay down and breathe for a short hour, accompanied by music.

The experiences range from deep relaxation, pure bliss, expanded awareness to more challenging processes. Reach greater clarity in your thoughts, an intimate bond with your emotions and a deep spiritual peace.

We live, as we breathe! And now, please drop all expectations and just try it out..

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Group Session: 2 hrs / CHF 50.–

What my clients say

"His passion and genuine humility, as well as his commitment to his own process, truly inspires me. I feel completely safe and able to move through my process trusting in his ability to guide and support me."

Ann Moloney, Coach & Breathwork Practitioner - Ireland/Bali

"Through the coaching and breathwork you guided me through, you have unlocked powerful twin forces of strength and peacefulness."

Michael Woodbury - Partner at Bain & Co. - Australia

"Absolutely fantastic! I’ve done it three times already and I must say that the way Nik guides you through the breathing process has made it quite a deep and intimate experience with my own self."

Orlando Balbas, Sustainability Consultant - Switzerland


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