Breath at Work

Conscious Breathing - effective and time-efficient stress release system

Having worked in an Investment Bank, I know just too well that time is precious and pressure is imminent. In most jobs, we will have stress but it is key how we respond to it as too much or chronic stress sabotages our health.

Recent studies also confirm that nearly half of our time we are distracted and mind wandering mainly through emotions, typically self-focused and in a negative mood. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind – and obviously quite an unproductive one.

It’s time to take a deep breath – NOW and whenever possible! Or simply reconnect to your breath during meetings or calls and feel what more awareness can do for you. Because as you practice conscious breathing even for a few minutes, you are accessing the two hemispheres of the brain bringing them into synchronization, resulting in:

  • Increased resilience and stronger immune system
  • Balanced calmness through higher self-awareness
  • Expanded emotional intelligence, engagement and creativity
  • Enhanced cognitive performance such as concentration, memory and processing speed

Through simple breathing exercises, you can release stress within minutes. This will support your focus, lighten up your mood and improve your general well-being.

Benefits of mindful practices

Higher Productivity

The brain in a positive mode is 31% more productive than the brain in a negative or stressed mode.
(University of Wisconsin)

Improve Well-being

Mindful employees have decreased burnout and increased resilience, creativity, attention and health.
(Harvard University)

Enhance Creativity

Happy employees have 31% higher productivity and their creativity is 3 times higher.
(Harvard Business Review)

My offer

Drop-In Sessions

Duration: 15’ – 60’

Hear why mindful practices like conscious breathing are so important. And learn some easy and powerful excercises to take away and include in daily life. Depending on the topics you would like to address with your employees, we can put together a variety of excercises.


Duration: 1 – 4 hrs

Everything from small guided breath excercises, one-hour Breathwork sessions to half-day workshops exploring conscious work in other fields (guided meditations & visualisations, listening and feedback skills, science of happiness, etc.) – tailor-made for your requirements.


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