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This is a collection of feedback and testimonials about working with me. Some are related to private sessions of breathwork and coaching, others are referring to my weekly group events. Get an impression!

Anthony Dunkley

My teacher and founder of „Alchemy of Breath“ – England/Italy

It has been a great pleasure and to have worked with Nik over these last years. He has a unique ability to combine a deep sensitivity with strength. Having come from the corporate world, Nik is perfectly placed to support those who seek to bring more richness into their lives. The practices and techniques that he is able to convey will be of enormous value to everyone, both at home and at work. Yet perhaps more than methods, his presence in itself is a gift. Enjoy him!

Ann Moloney

Coach & Breathwork Practitioner – Bali/Indonesia

Nik has been supporting me for over a year on my breathwork journey. I have found that Nik has an insightful and thoughtful way of working with people, and as a breath practitioner Nik is loving and honouring. His natural warmth and intuition make his breathwork sessions safe and heart opening. I love the way he approaches his sessions with a willingness to learn. It creates a space where everything is possible.

His passion and genuine humility as well as his absolute commitment to his own process truly inspires me. Working with Nik, I feel completely safe and able to move through my process trusting in his ability to guide and support me.

I would be only delighted to recommend Nik as a practitioner to anyone who is ready to take the next step in their journey towards achieving their potential.

Michael Woodbury

Partner at Bain & Co. - Australia

It has been almost a month since our time working together. I can share that there has been a profound shift in my well-being; one that will not be undone. Through the coaching and breathwork you guided me through, you have unlocked powerful twin forces of strength and peacefulness. I am most incredibly grateful for your sharing your gifts with me.

I am particularly compelled to share that your coaching time for me has shifted more in that one hour than I had shifted in my several years of professional coaching support. I am respectful to those that have previously worked with me – I recognise that our previous work was all part of the journey to my time with you. That said, the gentle firmness with which you took me to my deepest limiting beliefs, well, that has made me finally see the world of possibilities when I nurture my whole self.

Finally, I can share that my relationships – with my family, with my partner, and with my professional colleagues – have been deeply enriched. In all my walks of life, the change is obvious and warmly received. I can already see the next wave of ripples created by the change in my being from our work together.

You have a special gift. I encourage you in the strongest way to follow your heart and bring that gift to more souls in need of guidance to become their whole self.

Orlando Balbás

Sustainability Consultant – Switzerland

Absolutely fantastic! I’ve done it three times already and I must say that the way Nik guides you through the breathing process has made it quite a deep and intimate experience with my own self. Though simple in itself, there are really no words to describe the transformation that occurs within you. My heartfelt thanks Nik!

Asztalos Angela

Accountant – Switzerland

The best way to prepare yourself for the challenges of the upcoming week, to relax, to fill yourself with energy, to get to know yourself better and to let things go you have been struggling with for a long time. A wonderful, always different but always exciting journey guided by a fantastic and very professional leader. Be part of the magic that is nothing more and nothing less than breathing.”

Emily Gati

Yoga Teacher – Switzerland

Breathwork Group

In the Full Light of the Song

What a touch.

Every time I fly, I know how much I have been here before.
Breathing is time travel in this wonderful world we weave with wild eyes.

Peace and Wonders.

Jamie Lu Aldridge

Energy Healer – Bali/Indonesia

Nik was a fundamental part of my healing journey. He taught me advanced breathing techniques that helped me reach my goal of moving past my resistance to a place of deep healing. The breathing techniques he showed me were powerfully transformative and I use them to this day. After working with him for 1 years time, they are a great asset to my current routine helping me to maintain a peaceful, balanced nature. I find Nik’s presence affirming, positive and grounding. He is very trustworthy, reliable and a gentle soul. What I love most about Nik is his way of coaching, which allowed me the freedom and empowerment to be myself and find the answers I sought in my own way. Thank you Nik for your transformative work — this world needs caring people like you who can truly help others find their way!

Christos Vakalopoulos

IT Project Manager – Zurich/Switzerland

First time was magic, felt a lot love inside of me and started crying from happines for 30mins. Yes. I cried:) Was fantastic. Nik really has a happy, calm aura you can trust. Great instructions, music and supervision. A++++ Just come!!

Simone Bär

Kleinkinderzieherin – Zurich/Switzerland

The breathing sessions have been a wonderful experience for me. Nik`s presence and his support through the session create a safe space for a short psychedelic journey. The effects of breathing deeply have been unexpected, sometimes challenging and always beautiful. Definitely worth trying!

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