My work

I firmly believe that most of us have everything we need to solve our problems and lead a better life. All it takes sometimes is a little push, a deep breath or a new perspective to see more clearly again. And this characterises my work – in Coaching as well as in Breathwork, there is nobody manipulating you from the outside. It is all about reconnecting you to your own resources – your breath, your intuition, your answers. Uncovering what you know deep inside but possibly have lost sight of.

The combination of Breathwork and Coaching is simply ideal as the Breath helps to uncover and reconnect to the inner core – while Coaching is putting the insights in action and taking it all forward. We can work with one or the other tool separately or with a combination of both.

My tools


Breathwork and Conscious Breathing are active, guided meditations that might take you deep inside of yourself. Self healing capacities are getting activated in this breathing process – for many it is the first experience to directly connect to the knowledge of their body and its enormous resources to heal, cleanse and re-vitalize itself. For me, the breath is the holy grail to more consciousness.


Coaching is all about you. There is nobody trying to „heal“ you like in therapy – there is nobody trying to tell you what is „best for you“ like in counseling. Coaching is about helping you to find your very own solution to the issue at hand – because only when you take ownership, it will be a sustainable solution.


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